What's included in Language Angels resources and how much does a subscription cost?

Watch the video below to see what's included and how they work:

What does a Language Angels subscription cost?

A Language Angels subscription costs only £199.00 (exc. VAT).

That gets you and all of the teachers in your school full, unlimited access to all of our resources for 12-months. That gives you and your colleagues more than enough lessons and materials to teach all of KS2 and even KS1 and Reception if you want to.

All of the teachers in your school can access all of the resources. They can each access different resources and teach different lessons to different classes at the same time.

Our resources guarantee learning and progression and can be used by any teacher in your school - irrespective of their linguistic ability. Everything needed to teach brilliantly successful foreign language lessons is provided including:

  • IWB materials with all target language pre-recorded and controlled by the teacher
  • Hundreds of self-correcting interactive games
  • Ready-to-go lesson plans
  • Teacher support notes
  • Differentiated printable worksheets (for desk based activities)
  • Full multiple assessment materials for each unit (our Tracking & Progression Tool automatically links your foreign language teaching to the DfE Languages Programme of Study for KS2)
  • Remote access to all interactive games for your pupils so they can access and use the games at home
  • New units and modules automatically added to your resources as and when they are released during your subscription period
  • Unlimited 24/7 support

You get absolutely everything detailed above for our standard £199.00 (exc. VAT) price.

The only thing not included in the £199.00 price are our songs and raps.

If you want to add songs and raps to your resources, then there is a small additional cost. As we provide the songs under licence we have to pay a fee and this small charge is purely to cover the costs we incur. French songs cost an additional £18.00 (exc. VAT), Spanish songs cost an additional £13.00 (exc. VAT) and Italian songs cost an additional £10.00 (exc. VAT).

Of course you are not obliged to subscribe to the songs if you do not want to. You can choose to have the standard Language Angels subscription without the songs for our normal £199.00 price.

Do you have any questions? Contact us here and we'll be happy to help you out.​